Jacksonville Florida Private Investigators That Specialize In Child Custody Investigations

Child Custody Specialists In Florida At A1A Investigators

Child Custody Specialists In Florida At A1A Investigators

A1A Investigators can help you if you are preparing for a custody battle or even if you are currently in the middle of one.  Our Florida private investigators have work together with attorneys throughout the state to get their clients the evidence that they need to help win their custody battle.  The Florida private investigators that specialize in custody investigations at our private eye firm have helped over turn visitations, deny custody, win custody, award and lower child support.  If you are looking for the evidence to help win your case then wait no longer and set up a free consultation today.  This small investment today by hiring a Florida private investigator will save you thousands over the years by the time you are done paying child support.  Our private investigators in Florida have been able to dig up hidden assets, hidden income, under the table jobs that were not reported, and much more.  Do not let your spouse take you for every last penny.  

            There is only one way to prove that your EX is doing what she or he is doing. That is by surveillance and having a Florida private investigator from A1A Investigators document there every move.  We have been successful documenting drug/alcohol abuse, leaving a child unattended as the parent went out to bars, dropping off the child to a known felon while they work, violations of prior agreements, child neglect, and much more! Unless one of our private investigators are documenting these activities the judges will have no idea what is truly going on and it will all be hearsay. 

           If you are looking to get physical evidence to help win your custody battle in the Florida courts, then send us an email at info@A1Ainvestigators.com with your current situation or call us at (904)323-2396 and a Florida private investigator will get back to you today. Lets put the law back on your side and get you the evidence that is going to help you win your case.

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