Florida Criminal Background Checks

                   Florida Background Check Specialists

                   Florida Background Check Specialists

Our Florida private investigators physically go into the court houses to pull your records while also using a variety of different investigative resources.  When other investigative firms just use computerized background check information as a final report they do not contain all of what we called the "Meat" of a background report. If someone was criminally charged and not arrested but still had to appear in court, that would not show up in a basic background report. That information can only be obtained by physically going into the courthouse or by running the persons name via a police officer.  It is not information you can just pull up on a computerized background search. If you would like a thorough background check conducted on someone by one of our background check specialists then you can contact us today at (904) 323-2396 or by email info@A1Ainvestigators.com.

Pre-employment Screening Services

Do you need a pre-employment screening conducted on one of your future employees?  If you do then let one of our private investigators assist you in making sure that this future employee is fit for your company.  Employees are mirror images of what your company is and stands for.   You need to make sure that these employees are screened before hiring them. With the economy the way it is today and with the lack of jobs in certain fields we are finding that a majority of the job seekers are lying somewhere on their applications.  If you use our investigative firm to conduct a pre-employment screening we just require you to get consent from the candidate before we run the report and follow all guidelines that are listed in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).  When you use one of our detailed criminal history reports for a pre-employment screening these reports are then considered consumer reports so we will not accept any background checks on future employees without their signed authorization.

Florida Tenant Background Checks

If you have tenants or you are considering investing in a rental property you need to make sure you conduct a tenant background check on these future tenants so that you can protect your assets.  Just think of A1A Investigators as your investment towards your investment.  Our private investigators conduct tenant background checks for our clients throughout the state of Florida.  You would not believe how many tenants lie on their rental or lease applications everyday.  Let our private detectives verify this information for you.  Whether you are in one of the high crime areas of Florida or a lower crime area in a gated community crime is everywhere.  People are not always whom they appear to be on paper. We have screened out hundreds of convicted felons, sex offenders, people with warrants, and violent offenders  just by conducting one of our Florida Tenant Background Checks

With the way the laws are in our country protecting tenants from being evicted combined with the long legal process that it will take if they are not cooperative, it is a no brainer to get these tenants checked out immediately.  A small investment now could protect you from a large law suit in the future.  When we conduct our Florida tenant background checks on your applicants we will report all convictions in Florida, Florida accident reports, civil suits, bankruptcies, and a national sex offender search.  If you are looking for the truth wait no longer and find out today. We also offer discounts for multiple Florida tenant background checks ordered if you order more than 3.  At A1A Investigators we look forward to working with you and bringing you the results in which you deserve.