Hiring A Jacksonville Florida Private Investigator For Child Custody Cases

Jacksonville Florida Private Investigators

At A1A Investigators we specialize in child custody cases. If you think that you are going to be going through a child custody in the future or you are currently going through one right now our private investigators can assist you.  Our agency is headquartered out of Jacksonville, Florida and we have private detectives that are located throughout Florida.  So no matter where your case is we can help you.  We have helped several client in Jacksonville, Tampa, and even down in Miami win their custody battles.  Our private detectives are licensed and trained to work on custody cases so we know what evidence that you need to bring to court. If you have never thought about hiring a private investigator before well now is the time that you will need one.  We can legally obtain the information and intelligence needed out in the field.  Our investigators will then put together all of the information that was secured out in the field and put it into a legal report in which you can use in court.  Each investigator at our firm holds their class C private detective license in Florida.  This is important so that your information is upheld in court. If you go out there on your own and attempt to secure this information on your own it will not only get thrown out but you could be brought up on other legal charges which will put a negative vibe on your case.  You truly need to let the professionals handle your case.

In 2015 this was one of our most busiest years for child custody investigations in Jacksonville, Florida itself.  We have helped numerous attorneys, citizens, and military personal on their custody battles.  If you think your ex or spouse is up to no good then you should hire one of our investigators to look into the case for you.  Last year alone we have caught people using drugs while they had their children, prostituting when they had their kids, working jobs when they said they were not working, leaving the state when they were not suppose to with the children, dropping off their children to known drug dealers while they went out to party, and so many others that we cannot list in this article.  The bottom line is you need to put your child first.  You need to make sure your child is in a safe environment and we will confirm that for you.  We do not want to read any more stories on the news about children being abused, neglected, or disappearing.  Let us be the eye out in the field or the fly on the wall when you are not in the area.

Our investigators in child custody cases are extremely discreet and the subject will not know that they are being followed. We realize the sensitivity of the these cases and what it takes to get the information needed to help you with your case. If you or someone that you know needs a private detective to help them with a custody battle you can call us toll free at 855.521.2669 or your can reach us directly at our Jacksonville office at 904.323.2396.  We look forward to helping you get the justice in which you deserve.