Florida Private Investigators Conducting Bug Sweep Investigation Services

Let our licensed Florida Private Detectives conduct your bug sweeps.  At A1A Investigators we provide professional bug sweep services for our clients across Florida.  Whether you area a large corporation or a private citizen in Florida we have the tools needed to check to make sure your privacy is not getting violated.  Our private investigators are specifically trained in finding these types of devices and eavesdropping equipment. The bug sweep specialists at A1A Investigators use only the latest and most proficient bug sweeping equipment in the industry.  If you are being bugged we can help you today. 


When conducting bug sweeping services our bug sweeping specialists operate there job in a discreet manner. There is nobody else that will know that they are conducting this service for you but yourself and the bug sweep specialist.  There are thousands of different types of bugging devices available today over the internet from $5 to over $1000.  They all work in different manners and some of them are highly efficient.   Some hidden cameras are even motion activate so if the bug sweeping investigator does not know what to look for they will not be able to find them. 

Our Technical Counter Surveillance Measure Experts in Florida  have found bugs in all different types of places from coffee mugs, power sources, little motion detected stick cameras with night vision, GPS trackers on a vehicle, all the way to live recording devices underneath a persons office desk.  There are many reasons why people or other competitors use these listening and recording devices on people.

Florida Bug Sweep Investigators

Reasons Why You May Be Getting Bugged

  • Competitors trying to obtain trade secrets or obtain insider information on your company.

  • You may have a stalker.

  • The government or local law enforcement may be monitoring you for some reason.

  • If you are going through a divorce in Florida your significant other may have planted eavesdropping, tracking devices, or recording devices in the residence or vehicle.

  • You may have a nosy neighbor whom likes to listen in on phone conversations in your neighborhood.

  • You may have a disgruntled employee looking to cause harm to your business.

There are so many reasons why your house, business, or vehicle may be compromised.  We have seen it all. In order to determine what is going on we will need one of our TCSM Bug Sweeping Specialists in Florida to diagnose your situation of exactly what is going on.  We can offer you a free consultation today and wet up a time for your bug sweep.  No job is too small or too big. We have had successful bug sweeps in residential locations, commercial locations, and motor vehicles.  Call a Florida Private Investigator from A1A Investigators today so you are not the last to know what is going on.